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Welcome to the exciting world of hot glass!


This was a difficult decision to make but I (Keith) feel it's the right call to keep us all safe and help get us all back to normal healthy life as quickly as possible.

I have always kept my studio clean and have implemented even more rigorous disinfecting routines for workshops as this virus became known and began to spread. My classes are small enough that social distancing remains possible. All of that being true, I have decided to join those taking an abundance of caution and my family and I will be self-isolating during this time. Let's all make the most of it by learning something new and spending plenty of time with those we love (ie - not going stir-crazy!)

We are all in this together.

Workshops are a major source of income for me and, like you, I'm not sure just how deep the effects will run long term. If you've booked a workshop and would like to defer your booking to a later date – when those dates become available – that would be very helpful for my business. 

Here are some other ways you can support Keith Walker Glass during this time. 

Purchase glassware from Keith's Cups. I'm still shipping and this is a great time to bring some more beauty into your home.

Sign up for email updates from Keith Walker Glass and you'll be the FIRST to know when workshops are back and available for booking. Believe me – I can't wait to share my passion for hot glass with real-live face-to-face humans again


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Follow Keith Walker Glass on Instagram. Let's stay connected through this wild ride and always – always – keep it glassy. 

Your friendly neighbourhood glassblower, 

Keith Walker


Now About Those Workshops ... 

Keith Walker is passionate about glass-blowing and wants to share his craft with you. His studio offers a range of beginner and intermediate classes to meet you where you are at.

While these classes are open to any skill-level, working with hot glass can be intimidating, active and intense, so please be sure this is something you are ready to participate in.

All materials and safety gear will be provided, and classes will start with the basics and end with at least one finished piece you can take home!

This type of glasswork is called "off-hand" glassblowing, or soft glass style blowing. This is not lamp-working, torch work or scientific glassblowing. Youtube has a lot of great videos to give you a sense of the process,like this one.

No experience is necessary for any of the following classes, but if you are looking for a more advanced workshop, email Keith at to discuss your options.

If you have more questions, check out our workshop FAQ page.


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